Marty Stenzler
Former President and Owner
M&M Merchandisers, Inc.

We have been using the Pro-Active Generator System since 2007 and we have been very pleased with all that we can do with it, as well as the responsiveness of the Pro-Active staff.

The feature-packed Generator System has given us a much larger web presence. Within our first year, our web orders increased over 50%. Each year since the orders have increased over 30% over the previous years online sales figures!

The Generator Stytem has also saved us a lot of money in man hours. We can now send out an email marketing campaign to all of our customers in minutes where it used to take us a full day to prepare. The Generator System is worth the price for this feature alone! But it does so much more than this; customers can log on, place orders, view inventory levels, view their account and history, and search for new items that have been uploaded and not yet in our printed catalog, maintain their contact information, change their own passwords and more!

We can also offer this solution to our retail clients as well and we control what goes on their sites. Plus when we run specials or get in new items, we can update all of our customer’s websites at the push of a button and in just seconds all of their websites are changed and kept up to date.

John Bertrand, Sr.
President & C.E.O.
Bertrand Enterprises

The features that the Generator System from Pro-Active makes available to a manufacturer or distributor are endless!

They allow the manufacturer to communicate with their customers through newsletters, specials, catalogs, marketing blasts, and more.

One of the best decisions I have made in my business in over 35 years.

Beth Houlihan
Kidder Music Service, Inc.

The product feeds from sheet music publishers and music industry vendors allow us to list hundreds of thousands of more product on our website, much more than if we were to manually add them ourselves.

This is an incredible cost and time saver for us!

Thank you Pro-Active for the years of excellent customer service and support.

Bruce Treidel
Bethel Music Center

Without a doubt, Pro-Active has the best website interface I have ever come across, and we have had a web presence since 2000.

This is our third shopping cart site and the back end is intuitive and designed for ease of use. The GUI is easy to use and extremely powerful. More of our staff are able to use it and you don't need to have a knowledge of HTML coding or PHP to incorporate updates.

There are many great features to Pro-Active, one of the most powerful is the ability to incorporate product feeds directly from the manufacturer.

The simplicity of the feed is refreshing, you literally add the feed, do a little setup and you have thousands of products complete with images, descriptions, and support...that's it and you're done!

There is a bit of a learning curve as with anything new. We found the Pro-Active support team to be extremely helpful and willing to do many tasks that other companies charge an arm and a leg for. They made sure that we were happy with the final outcome and continue to be there for us when we need there help.

When looking for a company to work with, Pro-Active should be on your short list. These guys really care about there clients. Their whole model is set up to help and expand your business.

Don't hesitate for a moment, once you speak one of the members of their sales team you will discover how passionate Pro-Active is to deliver you the best and most complete product for your needs.

Glendower Jones
Classical Vocal Reprints

Previously I had tried other shopping carts and just could not sell online. Within my first year, I had over 1,100 orders.

After nearly 7 years of being a Pro-Active customer, my store has over 15,370 orders, imagine that!

My customers contact me all of the time about how they are surprised by all of the sheet music titles and merchandise that I carry. It makes my online store a place they want to keep returning to.

Dr. Larry McDonald
Waukesha County Conservatory

While there are many features within the Pro-Active platform that enable us to more effectively market our products and services, the primary benefit is the ease-of-use the program provides.

It used to take days and sometimes weeks to make changes to our website. Our website was always out-of-date! With Pro-Active, we are able to make changes to products, content, template backgrounds and so much more instantaneously! The time we save alone makes it worth the low monthly price.

Larry and Kim Biernacki
Music Center of Deerfield

Our Pro-Active Website is easy to use and makes it simple to add new products.

It has proven to become the most effective way of renting musical instruments to our school band rental customers. The support team is always willing to help solve any problems and is very proactive (no pun intended) in their approach.